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A Guide To Canadian Government Essay

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Canada is like the house for all the Canadians to live together. Therefore, they need a system for their home. It includes the head of the house (Prime Minister), the people who make house roles (laws) and the supplies, equipment they share in the house (public service)… etc. Canada has its own unique system of government. In general, it starts with the community where people live, and when there are many people in the community, decisions are much more complicated to establish. This is when organizations are needed; in other words, that is government. Government provides many things for people; for example, the public services (Library, Park, Hospitals…etc.). Besides that, the government also creates Laws (Bicycles, cars Laws, Seatbelt…etc.). The definition of the government: A group of people come together to organize their affairs and decide how to get things done!

The type of system of government we have in Canada is “Democracy”. It is inherited mainly from the western European political system across the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, there are three levels of government: Federal (Concerns to all Canadians for the whole country), Provincial and Territorial (mainly administer to the needs for Provinces and Territories) and Municipal and Regional (creates their own laws for city, town, village…etc.). Each one of them has different roles and duties.

“The system “Democracy” by itself doesn’t ensure a truly representative government. Today, every person is entitled to vote, provided that he or she is at least 18 years of age, and is a Canadian citizen and has been living in Canada for at least one year immediately preceding the election. Back by then, many people were excluded from voting only men of wealth and property were allow to vote, and Canada’s government represented only the interests of these few voter. Which it is not fair for the Aboriginal peoples, women, and all men, regardless of their wealth and job position, they were allowed to vote, after years of struggle.”

In Canada, responsible government refers to the system that keeps the cabinet responsible to the “House of Commons”. “Canada’s system of responsible government ensures that the cabinet answers to the House of Commons for ...

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