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Stimulus Plan Introduced By Government Essay

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$42 billion spent to kickstart economy with Budget going into deficit and handouts for many * $42 billion in fresh stimulus package
* Millions to get $950 handout
* Unemployment to rise to 7 per cent
* RBA cuts rates to 3.25 per cent
THE Government's hope that a $12.7 billion windfall for taxpayers will translate into a job-creating spending spree may be thwarted by debt conscious Aussies, a readers' poll indicates. Asked whether they would use their share of the one-off payment to spend, save or pay off debt,  only one quarter of  readers polled by 4.05pm (AEST) said they would spend it. 52 per cent  would pay off debt, and 23 per cent would save the money, the poll found. "If you are lucky enough to recieve some of this package spend it wisely, and save as much as you can. The world is in the problem it is because everybody has been living a life they cannot afford, thinking that house prices will always go up and plasma tv's are an essential item. "There is no doubt that the government wants you to spend this money consuming, this is why it is called an 'economic stimulus package' rather than calling it a 'family support package', if they really cared about the Australian people, they would be telling all the recipients of this money to use it where they have to (food, education, housing), pa...

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