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Heshmat Rouzbehani
Professor Maria Juliet Flint
Government 2305
February 11, 2014
Constitutional Democracy
There are many different forms of government in our present day history. Two examples of these governments include a democracy and constitutional monarchy. The U.S. constitution had come into effect on March 4, 1789. The United States is one example of a democratic government. The first major economic changes took place in Jamestown. Virginia from 1630 to 1776. Jamestown was founded in May 13, 1607. Jamestown started the first representative government in America, which later influenced other English colonies. In 1619, both the arrival of slaves and the establishment of the House of Burgesses marked important events, which caused a change in representation. A government began forming a strong foundation by giving people a voice in their government. The democracy forming dealt with the issue of slavery and eventually democracy, influencing the government of the United States later on. After their pilgrimage to the New World, the Pilgrims of the Mayflower decided voyaged in search of a form of self-government. The Pilgrims were setting out for Virginia in order to be represented by a free government but landed in present-day Massachusetts (Massachusetts Bay Colony) instead. The Pilgrims had no official form of representation because they did not land within the boundaries of Virginia. Because of that, the pilgrims had no official form of charter to govern them, causing them to draft the Mayflower Compact. With the Mayflower Compact, the Pilgrims were granted the right to rule over themselves. Even after becoming a royal colony, Massachusetts set a powerful precedent of rule making because of the Mayflower Compact the Pilgrims drafted. This charter also reflected later on across colonial New England. England regulated the trade of the English colonies, however, the colonists were given the right to impose their own taxes. However as the English crown began gaining more power, colonists became more terrified. The French and Indian War resulted from incoming threats from the French and Indians and the English believed that they were protecting the colonists even though the colonists felt even more threatened by the crown. Even though the British were the ones...

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