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Implementation Of E Government In Malaysia Essay

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E-government refers to multi-dimensional communications that provide services to the public through the use of information communication technology (ICT).

Discuss the rationale for implementing E-government in Malaysia.

The implementation of electronic government started since the initiation of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) by the Malaysian government. The status of e-government implementation in Malaysia is widely discussed as to the potential of e-government implementation towards the public and businesses. The e-government initiative launched the country into the Information Age. It will improve the government operates internally as well as how it delivers services to the people of Malaysia. It seeks to improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with citizens and businesses. Simultaneously, it will improve information flow and processes within the government, improve the speed and quality of policy development and improve coordination and enforcement. This would enable the government to be more responsive to the needs of its citizens.

To accelerate the objectives of Vision 2020, a path has already been defined through seven innovative Flagship Applications. These applications are engineered to start the MSC initiative and create a multimedia heaven for innovative producers and users of multimedia technology. Both local and foreign companies work with various government agencies to enhance the socio-economic development of Malaysia. The Multimedia Super Corridor offers a Malaysian initiative for the Information Age. The Flagship Applications are: 1. Electronic Government

2. Multipurpose Card
3. Smart School
4. Telehealth
5. R&D Clusters
6. E-Business
7. Technopreneur Development

Electronic Government
The vision of Electronic Government is a vision for government, businesses and citizenry working together for the benefit of Malaysia and all of its citizens. The vision focuses on effectively and efficiently delivering services from the government to the people of Malaysia, enabling the government to become more responsive to the needs of its citizens. The 7 pilot projects of the Electronic Government Flagship Application are as follows; 1. Project Monitoring System (SPP I...

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