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Lenin And The Government Essay

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The Bolshevs consolidation of power under Lenin

They were a Marxist revolutionary party founded in 1903 and led by Lenin. During the October revolution in 1917 they exploited the troubled situation in Russia flowed after Tsardom. They faced huge difficulties in trying to consolidate their hold over Russia. They transformed old Russia into a socialist party following a set of pre-planned reforms. They always believed that the Marxist belief that the triumph of the proletariat (the exploited industrial workers) the state would “wither away”. Leon Trotsky who played a central role in the Bolveshiev seizure o power had expressed had expressed this simple appointment as Commissar for foreign affairs when he said “ all we need to do is issue a few decrees then shut up shops and go home.” But the circumstances did not allow such relaxed approach.

The structure and the power under the Bolsheviks

The October Revolution had been taking of power by the soviets but in fact it was the seize of power by the Bolsheviks party. Lenin appointed the Sovarkoms had been appointed to govern the Congress of soviet. It was a pyramid with Sovnarkom on top. With the fall of Tsar in 1917 traditional forms of government had been bro...

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