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Primary Goal Government Essay

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Perpetuate the Power Structure that Supports the regime Or Guide Its' Citizens Towards Universal Truth When Machiavelli wrote "The Prince"� in 1513, he offered the world a new modern view of politics. He makes it extremely clear that his new "modern"� approach to politcs is based not on the lofty virtues of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, but rather on a "worldy and realistic"� inturpretation of the nature of man. Machiavelli cites countless historical precedences showing how they support his inturpretation of human nature. This makes his argeuments even stronger and lends considerable creadence to his ideas. However, his seemingly casual dismissal of morality, justice and virtue make his ideas repugnent to anyone who believes mankind can ever be more than an opportunistic, materialistic, creature interested only in the satisfaction of individual desires.

One of the most contimplated themes in greek philisophy is virtue and its relationship to man. Socrates taught that virtue is a divinely bestowed or inheirent understanding of what is just and what is unjust. His investigations in...

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