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Table of Contents
Executive summary 3
Introduction 3
Situation analysis 4
Macro analysis 4
Demographic 4
Socio cultural 4
Economics 4
Technological 5
Regulation 5
Natural environments 5
Micro analysis 5
Industry assessment 5
Market assessment 6
Team domain 6
Porters five forces analyses 6
Rivalry among present competitors 6
The threat of new entrants 6
Bargaining power of buyers 7
Bargaining power of suppliers 7
Threat of substitute products 7
Competition analysis 7
Competitive advantage 8
SWOT analysis 8
Strength 8
Weakness 9
Opportunity 9
Threats 9
Skiwear industry attractiveness 10
Marketing strategy 10
Marketing objectives 10
Promotion strategy 11
Positioning 11
Product decisions 11
Product life cycle strategy 12
Action plan 12
Target market 12
The 4 Ps 12
Offensive warfare 12
Budget 13
Projected P&L 13
Contingency plan 13
Conclusion 14
Reference 15

Executive summary
The purpose of this report is study the strategy direction for The North Face (TNF) company and make market evaluation to enter into the skiwear industry. The report will review the company’s current performance in relation to the traditional outdoor equipment market and identify sustainable competitive advantage for the new product.

TNF brand image often have often been associated with outdoor sport, exercise and a healthy life style. It also has state of art in engineering of product design. These are the competitive edge and must be utilized in establishing the new market for skiwear.

Started in 1966 in San Francisco, The North Face (TNF) is known as a high performance climbing and backpacking equipment manufacturing and distribution company. Through the 1970, the brand received increasingly popularity among outdoor athletes and began sponsoring expeditions to some of the most far flung, still largely untouched corners of the globe. Hence, The North Face mantra is Never Stop Exploring.

Situation analysis
Macro analysis
It is essential to evaluate the macro environment in order to assess the attractiveness of the market for TNF. The macro environment can be divided into six major components, demographic, socio cultural, economic, technological, regulatory, and natural environments (Walker, 2009).

By being the market leader in the outdoor clothing and equipment segment having approximately 40 per cent of the market share, the company has a large contingent of established customer base. The age bracket of TNF’s target market could be ranging from young to middle aged customers. They vary from profession outdoor enthusiast, which is the strategic focus, to the mor...

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