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North Korea Annotated Bib Essay

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Colin Vaughn
English 102
11 APR 2014
Kristi Landry
North Korea
North Korea is a Communist country. One of the most strict countries in existence today. North Korea until 1994 was run by Kim Jong-Il. In 1994 he died and was named “eternal President”. His son Kim Jong-Un took over when he passed and is the current leader. Korea has very bad living conditions. The country outside of the government officials are barely surviving. The people are suffering from famine, civil and social rights struggle, prison camp, and extreme torture. There are several organizations who try to find ways to implement changes in to the Korean Government, but for the most part the plans fall on deaf ears. The extreme communism is the culprit for why. North Korea doesn’t allow much in the media department. The amount of media freedom is as strict if not stricter than China’s. The government controls everything the people see and hear. Most of what the press releases is propaganda. This is one of the reasons the people do not complain much about the treatment; they do not know how bad they have it. They do not get to see much about the western civilizations and the treatment or freedom they get. The ones who flee to China or can get out of the country are the ones who start to cause a stir. The biggest issue is the torture and prison camps. There are multiple organizations who try and bring the issues in to the world scene limelight. The issues in north Korea are wrong and need to be addressed. The difficulty comes in with the strictness and the effectiveness of the Korean Government to keep its people suppressed. I argue that the civil rights issues is directly related to the communism and if we got the communism to end we would end the treatment. Cohen, Roberta. "Human Rights in North Korea:." HRNK, 2013. Web. 14 Apr. 2014.

This article written by Roberta Cohen is from The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. Cohen is a member of the committee. The article addresses the issues of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). Explains how over the past ten years the United Nations and other Non-Governmental organizations have brought to the world light the violations of North Korea. The information of the violations comes from the testimonies of citizens who have fled to the south. The North Koreans have extensive systems of prison labor camps and other areas of civil rights violations along with political, economic and social rights that North Korea has violated. They have confirmed these camps with satellite images. Also the article explains some steps th...

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