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Marc Fillion
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Secret State of North Korea Reflection
North Korea is by far the most isolated countries this World has seen – especially from America. The Communist country, led by Kim Jong Un, is revealed in “The Secret State of North Korea” to be a nation that isn’t what it portrays itself to be. Kim Jong Un rules with an iron fist and it shows with his actions, and the anguish of some of his country is displayed on film and through personal accounts. The dire question that is being asked around the world is if Kim Jong Un and the North Korean’s government tactics are sustainable. The answer to that question is no, however, substantial change likely will not come for quite some time. The government and military have too much power over the small majority of people in the country that oppose the government for any opposition to gain traction. However, technology has the chance to change that.

North Korea’s government is generally seen as a totalitarian dictatorship. At the head of this dictatorship is Kim Jong Un - son of the latest leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il – is considered the “Supreme Ruler” of North Korea. He rules with an iron fist, and is not afraid to take action against anyone or anything; he has just recently executed his uncle, who had been his top official, for speaking about something in a government meeting that King Jong Un did not approve of. But being in a totalitarian dictatorship essentially means that Kim Jong Un controls nearly every part of human life in his country. He regulates what goes in and out, what is said in the scarce media that the country has, and other matters. Considering that Kim Jong Un is a totalitarian dictator, it’s logical that a unitary system of geographic distr...

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