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North Korea Research Paper Essay

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The Hermit Kingdom
What is the most isolated, cut off country in the world? North Korea, also known as the Hermit Kingdom. North Korea has been cut off from the rest of the world. The 3 dictators of North Korea have contributed to the way the country is today. North Korea is veiled in mystery and characterized by poverty, extreme governmental abuse and isolation.

The Korean Peninsula wasn’t always split. During World War 2, it was under the Japanese rule. After the war ended and Japan had surrendered, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel between the USSR and US. The Soviet Union controlled the Northern part and the US controlled the South. The plan was divide Korea and eventually reunify it, but it never happened. North Korea’s very first leader was Kim Il-sung, originally known as Kim Sung-chu. Kim Il-sung was born April 15, 1912, in Mangyongdae, Korea. His family migrated to Manchuria in the 1920s to flee Japanese occupation of Korea. In his early 20’s, Kim Il-sung mastered Chinese and became a guerilla fighter. He then relocated to the Soviet Union for special training, where he joined the Communist Party. The named Kim Il-sung came from a famous guerilla leader. He adopted that name in honor of the leader. After the Second World War, Kim Il-sung returned to Korea. The Korean peninsula was divided at the 38th parallel. Kim Il-sung became leader of the Northern half and initiated the Korean War by invading the South with aid from the Soviet Union. Kim Il-sung invaded the South to unify the country under northern control. The Korean War was the first war fought between Communists and non-communists. The goal of the Korean War was to reunify the c...

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