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North Korea South Korea Essay

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When one thinks of North Korea, the first thoughts that pop into your head are certainly not “friendly, happy, and free”, but rather a description that proves to be drastically different. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or, more commonly known as North Korea, is considered to have one of the most controlling and repressive governments in the world. Some North Korean refugees have even described their own country as a massive prison. The United States and North Korea could not be more vastly different. Whether it be their type of government, their implementation of the constitution, their history, their voting rights, or simply their freedoms, America is by far a more harmonious country. North Korea can be described as a communist country, a totalitarian system, and is governed by a one-man dictatorship. It is a system where the state regulates relatively every aspect of personal, private, and public life. The life under these conditions is brutal. The country today is less free and less humane than any other country. The government seeks to control the things they watch on television, hear on the radio, buy at the store, and essentially control the way that people think, feel, and believe. In various ways, they attempt to oversee all things that their people take part in. America is the complete opposite in that they have claimed their freedom through democracy. The U.S. has an evenly distributed separation of powers and the privilege of being able to use the word freedom without hesitation. Americans are gifted with the freedom of speech, press, religion, and, essentially, the freedom of life and equality. When the United States of America gained its freedom from Great Britain, it created its constitution, construing the many rights that Americans were entitled to. This constitution is still held in very high regard today, and is referred to when someone has violated it. This provides yet another difference among t...

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