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North Korea Vs South Korea Essay

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Makrystea Carter
Mrs. Morgan
Pac Rim P.1
21 November 2011
North and South Korea CBA
The Korean peninsula is divided into two separate countries, North and South. Looking at both countries you can see the differences. North Korea and South Korea may share the same land but have different outtakes on their economic views, political beliefs, and even social conditions. Before North and South Korea there was just the Korean Peninsula. Korea was ruled by many countries even Japan and China. While in control of Korea, Japan grew hungry for power, and because of this a war started between Korea and the Soviet Union. “In the North the Japanese troops surrendered to Soviet forces and in the south of the peninsula the Japanese surrendered to American troops” (Beck542). By the end of 1953 the war had ended and the Korean peninsula had completely been separated. Because of this action North and South Korea share a land with two different cultures and traditions.

Economically, 35 percent of North Koreans work on farms (CIA7), while in South Korea only 7.3 percent of the population work on farms (CIA7). The other 65 percent of the North Korean population...

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