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North Korea S Political Underdevelopment Essay

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North Korea's Political Underdevelopment
Sociology of Developing Countries
Young McVay 11/28/2010

Political development relatively connected with the set of formal legal institutions that constitute function of government or state and this is the definition accepted by many studies of the legal arrangements of proper political organization. It also subjugate with other subsystem of the social system and interacting with other nonpolitical subsystems such as the economic system. Many official data indicate that North Korea Political underdevelopment stems from different aspects. These include civil rights, human rights, economic development, quality of life, stability and communication with citizens which has directly connected with political development and North Korea still fall for category of one of the political underdevelopment country. Analyzing causes, examples, media, and the public from the past to the present can demonstrate North Korea's political underdevelopment. The United States government has sources that indicate North Korea is unstable in many ways. The CIA website states "North Korea's government is a "communist state one-man dictatorship" and "faces chronic economic problems." Quality of life is tested daily because most of the country's income will go to military spending," (, 2010). There have been chronic food shortages in North Korea, which causes the people to undergo starvation, malnutrition and unhealthy living conditions. The government's role in each of these elements is crucial in order to maintain a country's development. According to Tom Head, the description of North Korea is a Communist government, but it could also be a theocracy. North Korean has over 450,000 "Revolutionary Research Centers" that teach Kim Jong-Il is the "Dear Leader" at sessions to indoctrinate people, they are also taught the he possesses supreme supernatural powers. He was supposedly born miraculously atop a famous Korean mountain (Kim Jong-Il) was actually born in the former

Soviet Union). North Korea is politically underdeveloped due to what the USA and nongovernmental sources say about North Korea's underdevelopment. According to New York Times, November 23th, 2010, North Korean bombed dozen of the shell to South Korean Island and killed two of the South's soldiers. North Korean government does not follow international law and make their own justification for their military action. Analysts point that it increasingly desperate under sanctions imposed by the international community and the United States for its nuclear enrichment efforts. Victor cha who is professor of government at Georgetown University and Korea chair at the center for Strategic and international Studies explains of The Military latest action by North...

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