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North Koreas Nuclear Programme Essay

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Literature Review
North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Programme
Subject – Political Science II
Submitted to – Prof. H. Vageeshan
Lecturer, Political Science

Submitted by – Surya Karan Sambyal
First Year, Semester – II
Roll No. 2012-64

NALSAR University Of Law, Hyderabad

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Introduction | 1 |
North Korea – The Juche Ideology | 2 |
Phases of North Korea Nuclear Power Development 1st Phase (1956-1980) 2nd Phase (1980-1994) 3rd Phase (1994-2002) 4th Phase (2002-till date) | 3-4 | Analysis | 5-7 |
Conclusion | 8 |
Bibliography | 9 |
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Foreign Policy of a country is essential to achieve its national interest. It is a policy which deals, mediates and negotiates with other countries in furtherance of its own goals of development. Foreign Policy is constituted by a country’s external manifestations towards other countries like various trade policies, investment policies and its armament and disarmament policies. After the end of World War II, various nuclear non proliferation and disarmament treaties gained supreme importance which henceforth formed an important aspect of any country’s foreign policy. These treaties even in inconsistency with the policies of various nations were widely accepted. Nuclear Policy in contemporary times is essential for a country to achieve its national interests at an international arena. After the end of Cold War in 1990’s and advent of Globalisation in late 1990’s made it impossible for any country to survive in isolation with one exception which is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) commonly known as North Korea. North Korea in contemporary times has successfully followed its isolationist policy supported by the Juche ideology which entails for self reliance, initiated by their first President Km ll- sung in 1950’s. It has since then adhered to its Juche ideology irrespective of international pressures and projected most queer foreign policy of all the nations. I will critically analyse a piece - North Korea Nuclear Weapons Programme. I would then study the impact of the NK Nuclear Programme on the contemporary world of collective peace and collective security. To understand the nature of its nuclear policy it is imperative to understand the nature of the North Korean state. I will then analyse the impact of its latest nuclear tests and the worldwide condemnation of the same.

North Korea – The Juche Ideology
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea commonly known as North Korea is a small country in East Asia with a population of only 20 million. After its freedom in 1950’s, North Korea adopted a new constitution in 1972 adopting the Juche ideology in place of Marxism and Leninism as its national ideology. The basic inconsistency in governance lies in the name of the country itself as there is one party system under united front led by Korean Workers Party (KWP) led by the Kim family. North Korea has been regarded as a totalitarian state and the most militarised state with one of the lowest Democratic index in the world and low level of human right index. The major ally of North Korea was the Soviet Union and after the deadly famines from 1994- 1998, the then leader Kim Jong- II adopted the Songun, the ‘military first’ policy to develop the nation. Thus it has not only impeccably followed its Juche Policy but has also developed one of the largest military with 1000 per capita military personnel of 386.7. It has the largest army in proportion to its population in the world. Development of Nuclear Power:

The Nuclear Programme of North Korea is divided into 4 phases. The 1st phase from 1956 – 1980 dealt with developing knowledge of nuclear technology. The 2nd phase from 1980- 1994 dealt with the development and suspension of plutonium programme. The 3rd phase from 1994 – 2002 involved a period of Nuclear Freeze due to fall of the Soviet Union and the numbers of famines that struck North Korea. The 4th phase f...

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