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North Of Beautfiul Essay

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All that glitters is not gold.

In Justina Chen Headley’s novel, North of Beautiful, one of the most distinct

themes is that it is important to not judge people based mainly on their appearance. This

is because appearances can be deceiving and disguise the reality of what kind of person

they truly are. In the case of Terra she is judged based on her appearance, which is a

large port wine stain that lies on her cheek and it disguises the fact she has a beautiful,

compassionate personality. There is also the matter of Jacob, who’s loyal, fun loving,

caring personality is shrouded by his appearance. Another example is Peony, whose

appearance disguises the fact the Peony is perfect the way she is, whether she has a

birthmark or not. So because appearances are not as they seem, people should not be

judge based upon them.

To start of with, Terra is considered ugly based o...

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