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North South Korea Pro Unification Debate Essay

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Intro and History
Our debate today is directed towards the issue of weather north Korea and south Korea should reunite. My teammates and I are strongly supporting the reunification because of statistics, pure facts, and the benefits of a united Korea in the long run. The reason that North and South Korea are separated in the first place is because of after the Liberation of Korea there wasn't an official country or government on the peninsula. The Koreans hoped to establish a country of their own and live peacefully, but without any negotiation with the Koreans, the USA and USSR suddenly divided the peninsula at the 38th parallel. The North side would be controlled under socialism and the south side would be controlled under capitalism. Soon the communist forces of the North, led by Kim iI Sung, attacked the South on June 25th, 1950. This was the start of the Korean war, which is still happening. The reunification of Korea may sound absurd and our opponents can say that the countries have changed too much over the years to become one again, but uniting the North and South would have many benefits in the long run for not only Korea, but other countries as well. Denuclearization

Such benefits would include denuclearization in North Korea. The North has been recently testing an abundance of nuclear weapons. U.S. officials say North Korea may already have an arsenal between 12 and a "few dozen" far more advanced weapons, many more than ge...

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