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Kasey Ryan
CP Modern World History
Mrs. Korman
North and South Guided Study Questions
Watch the movie North and South on the class Haiku Page there are four episodes, and answer the following questions.

1. Describe the contrast between the north and the south during the period in this movie. North: industrialization, worse environment, crowded cities, many people sick and dying, cold winters, most lived in cities which seemed hard and overcrowded. South: no industrialization, agricultural, better environment, warmer climate, healthier people, mild winters, most lived on farms, life is quiet and calm.

2. How do the differences between the cultures of the north and south affect relationships in Milton? -Margaret is not used to the North and its big cities and its masters and workers and is frowned upon when she reacts to certain things such as Mr. Thornton hitting his worker. People seem meaner and harsher.

3. Why was it important to the story that Margaret’s father was a former minister and a teacher? -Her father, a clergyman, decides to leave the Church of England and become a nonconformist. Thanks to his friend, he is able to find a house and gains employment as a private tutor. He thought this job was better suited for him. It is important to the story because when he leaves the Church the family moves from the South to the North where he was originally from and it explains the family values of compassion and justice for others. Also, he becomes Thornton's tutor who Margaret will eventually end up marrying.


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