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Northanger Abbey Essay

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Maria Melkumov
Dr. Melissa Williams
English 121
23 October 2014
What Really Matters
What is love? Love means something different to each individual. Everyone’s background including culture, where they grew up, and the different kind of love parents set an example of, effects our views and definitions of the word. To many people, money is included in their interpretations of love; especially to those who didn’t grow up in wealthy families. In the novel, Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen shows her readers different variations of love fluctuating between economic classes, which reflected on how different society was at that time. Isabella and her brother John display how they choose to love others depending on how wealthy of a family they come from. Meanwhile, Henry, Catherine, and her brother James don’t base who they love on what’s in their pocket but based off who they really are.

John and Isabella seem to be blind to love based on money. Although Isabella seems innocent during the beginning of the novel, we soon find out who she really is. She defines the social satire of the time, and her character sets the general idea for most women and their goals during that era. At first she loves James, but then we find that she is only manipulative and selfish because she only wante...

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