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Northanger Abbey Arguements Essay

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Argument # 1 – youth: Catherine is shown in situations common to teenagers. She faces frustration and peer pressure. Plus, there are several examples in which the adults comment on the young people, either laughing at their behaviour or criticizing it.  Sub Argument # 1: Catherine faces new experiences and people in Bath, which helps her identify the significant difference people can have with one another, whether it is good or bad. Primary source quote # 1: “But, where youth and diffidence are united, it required uncommon steadiness of reason to resist the attraction of being called the most charming girl in the world.” Catherine's youth helps to make her gullible, or easily trusting. She is somewhat won over by John's compliments, even though she finds him extremely annoying. Primary source quote # 2: ‘Youth people with be young people, as your good mother says herself. You know I wanted you, when we first came, not to buy that sprigged muslin, but you would. Young people do not like to be always ...

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