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This UBD project is one of the requirements for Political Science 1 under Mrs. Marife Varela. UBD stand for Understanding by design, its aim is to teach students lessons from actual experiences. This UBD's goal is to apply the Expected Lasallian Graduate Attributes specifically being a socially responsible Christian. The group needs to find a subject or subjects whose rights have been violated or neglected basing on the provisions of the law. The group members are Mara Mae Pua, Jevy Mae Sayson and Dyan May Villanueva. The group must intervene to aid the subject in understanding and exercising his rights as a human being and a Filipino Citizen under our 1987 Philippine Constitution. Our group chose to help Leomar Tagle, a child whose right to education and right to recreation has been violated. In today’s world Leomard’s case is rampant and ever increasing. He works with his father in the sea to help in the family’s financial needs. The difficult situation children are faced with robs them of their right to childhood, the right that each of them must enjoy. Poverty remains to be the main cause of such deprivation. In this project, we will give the profile of our chosen subject and the provisions of the law that applies to his case. The details of the intervention and most especially the collective insights of the members are also presented. This project allowed us to start the change we wanted to see.

Name: Leomar Tagle
Age: 9 years old
Residence: Sitio Roma, Silay City
Parents: Marisa and Felix Tagle
Parent’s work: His father is a fisherman
Education: Grade two
Leomar Tagle, nine years old and a grade two student stopped attending school to help his family. Young as he is, he already knows how to operate the small pump boat which he and his father use in fishing. Poverty deprived him of his rights to education and recreation. He has never been to any mall in his life and has also never been to Bacolod city. His house is made of wood and has...

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