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Northern Lights Essay

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The North

Sergi Reixach

This paper focuses on Topic 5, “ Organizational structure and design” as it tries to show the effectiveness of the Government redesign in the Northern European Countries.

Organization Event:
With most of all Western Economies sank in a non-ending period of stagnation, the role and organization of the Governments is being continuously debate in the public spotlight, however the debate most of the times is completely useless, the conservatives arguing that more public spending will represent an inadmissible attack over freedom and the liberals demanding more public spending with no criteria. Amidst all this darkness, the Northern European countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) emerge as a brighten light. The economic performances of these countries have accomplished all the objectives of any Economic Minister: Growing rapidly, creating jobs, gaining competitive edge, the banks are lending and the budget is balanced1. Analysis:

The Northern European countries were incredibly indebted in the 1990’s and the level of Government spending over the GDP surpassed 60% (Exhibit ...

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