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Northern Rebellion Essay

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Perceived fears of Elizabeth's policy to weaken the position of the nobility sparked the rising in the north. This rising was guided by two individuals, the Earl of Northumberland and the Earl of Westmoreland, who themselves felt threatened by Elizabeth's encroachment upon their "ancient" nobility, that of land and lineage. There was a feeling among them that "the Queen's displeasure towards him [Norfolk] and others of the nobility," as confirmed by Francis Norton "would be some great stir, which caused us to confer together" (Fletcher & MacCulloch 105). Their anger increased with the summons by Elizabeth. Disregarding her summons, they struck out against her Protestant government assaulting "religious imagery and church furniture" (Fletcher & MacCulloch 105). Northumberland felt the rebellion was an attack on the "new found religion and heresie," being instituted by Elizabeth (Fletcher & MacCulloch 108). However this was not the case, as will be shown later in my response.

The primary causes behind the scenes of this reb...

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