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Northern Trust Bank Analysis Essay

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Northern Trust is a leading provider of global financial solutions for investment management, asset servicing, and banking needs of corporations, institutions, and affluent individuals. Northern Trust is exclusively focused on the custody, management, and servicing of client assets in two target market segments, affluent individuals through its Personal Financial Services (PFS) business unit and its institutional investors worldwide through its Corporate and Institutional Services (C&IS) business unit.” 1 pg3 Northern trust markets these two business units via a third business unit (NTGI) Northern Trust Global Investments which delivers investment management related services and products. The company is focused in using technology as a key strategic advantage for cost control and facilitation of operations.

The Northern Trust Corp was founded in 1889 in Chicago Illinois and trades under the ticker symbol NTRS on the NASDAQ. The Trust is classified as a commercial bank in the super regional group with likes of U S Bancorp Inc, Wells Fargo & Company, S V B Financial Group, B B & T Corp. The company’s headquarters still reside in Chicago and it currently employs approximately 10,900 people. As of Feb 20, 2008 Northern Trust has a market capitalization of 15.4 Billion and has approximately $757B and $4.1T global assets under management and under custody respectively.

1.2 Background

“Northern Trust Corporation (corporation) is a financial holding company under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and was originally organized as a bank holding company in 1971 to hold all of...

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