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Northern Vs Southern Women From The Essay

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Through many tolling years, the culture and development of women has changed significantly over centuries. Women, both Caucasian and African American alike, have overcome many obstacles to obtain their rightful places in society. The improvements have been few and far in between, and the progress slow and morose. Yet, even through the challenges of change, women have been able to remain optimistic about their futures.

During the 1840’s and ‘50’s, women from both the North and the South had unwavering roles that they played in their societies. Northern society bustled into wealth and culture. The homes were made more luxurious, adorning many intricate patterns, lush fabrics and intense colors. Higher standards for living were put into perspective, and women were the cornerstones to hold them in place. Women in the North were under the direct authority of their husbands, although few freedoms were allowed. Families were dependent upon the husband as the sole income of the house; workingwomen were considered a lower-class standard and only did so out of necessity. Many women were u...

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