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SUBMITTED BY: Heloise Lai (24194)

Date: 14/06/2015

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Economic Situation Overview

Gross Domestic Product

Since 2005, Brazil economic has developed significantly; around 26 million people were lifted out of poverty throughout ten years. As one of the member of the BRICS group, Brazil’s economy is the world’s ten largest nominal GDP and ranked the seventh in terms of purchasing power parity. Brazil was worth 2245.67 billion USD, which represents 3.62 percent of the world economy. With tons of exporting activities, and abandon nature resources, it has been ranked the 5th in numbers of billionaire and an average annual GDP growth rate of 5%. (Wikipedia, 2015)

(Trading Economics, 2015)

GDP growth rate
During the first quarter of 2015, Brazil GDP growth rate has recorded in a negative 0. 2 percentages while the GDP growth rate averaged at 0.69 percent throughout the past ten years. The growth rate has decreased since the weaken economy in the country.

(Trading Economics, 2015)
Unemployment rate

As Brazil is well known by its well developed in different sectors of mining, manufacturing and agricultural along with a rapidly expanding middle class, Brazil has a labor force which over 107 million and has made their economy outweighs of all other South American countries. Brazil has an unemployment rate of 6.2 % that ranked the 64th of the world. (Trading Economics, 2015) According to the news, the unemployment rate of Brazil has increased in ...

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