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1. What impresses you about Norton Lilly International? What has accounted for Norton Lilly’s success over the past 150+ years? What aspects of Norton Lilly do you find unimpressive? Norton Lilly is a company that has showcased its ability to withstand the test of time. The company has steadily grow and expanded both nationally and internationally since getting their start in 1841. The company was able to shift with the tides when cargo containerization came into the fold in the 1970. The ability to change, but doing so in a strategic manner, put them in good standing up until their point of being acquired in 2005. What I found unimpressive was Thurber and Rutherfords shallow focus on growing the company without having an effective strategy defined or executed upon to handle the growth. They acquired companies outside of the company’s core business, did not effectively handle their M&A responsibilities leading to a degradation in company culture, operational efficiency and profitability. For five years the company grew recklessly putting 150 years of busi...

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