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Norton Lilly Case Essay

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Norton Lilly International: Written Case

​Norton Lilly is an international shipping agency. They have 37 regional offices, which provided service to ships in 70 ports located in North America, Caribbean, Pacific, and the Middle East. Their services consist of booking freight for export, clearing inbound cargo with U.S. customs, fueling vessels, restocking vessels with supplies and provisions, and arranging cargo-handling services. The company started way back in 1841, 150 years ago to this case’s time period, starting with John Norton. In 1907, the company expanded to include the Lilly family. In 1925, the company expanded to become international, with the opening of a Norton Lilly office in Panama. In 2010, Norton Lilly is the market share leader.

​Norton Lilly has been successful as a company for their entire 150 years of existence. This is an achievement by itself. Most companies are not continually successful for more than a decade, with economies, struggle to compete, technology advancements, and leadership/ownership. The one thing that stands out about Norton Lilly is the overpowering emphasis on ...

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