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Norway Hsinmun X Reso Essay

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 FORUM: General Assembly First Committee
QUESTION OF: Establishing International Regulations Targeted At Trade, Production, and Development of Bio-terror Weaponry SUBMITTED BY: Kingdom of Norway
The General Assembly,

Recalling its previous resolutions relating to the complete and effective prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and to their destruction,

Noting with satisfaction that there are 179 member states parties to the Biological Weapons Conventions, including all permanent members of the United Nations,

Deeply concerned about the ineffectiveness of the Geneva Protocol of 1925,

Noting with concern that the risk of rapid development of bio-terror technology being a threat to national security of member states,

Welcoming the reaffirmation made in the Fourth Review Conference that under all circumstances the use biological and toxin weapons and their development, production and stockpiling are effectively prohibited under article I of the Convention,

Deeply alarmed by the...

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