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Student Support Systems for Online Education available in NKI’s Integrated Systems for Internet Based E-learning Morten Flate Paulsen, Truls Fagerberg & Torstein Rekkedal

The first part of this chapter presents the systems NKI Distance Education apply to facilitate student support services for online education. The second part discuss the services with regard to the grid of student support services developed by Student Support Services in e-Learning (, a project supported by the European Socrates program. NKI’s Integrated Systems

NKI has a number of self-developed and commercial applications that together make up a comprehensive system for student support services. The integration of the systems is extremely important for the total functionality, effectiveness, and quality of the student support services. As shown in Figure 1, STAS is the pivotal master system that holds the core data that many of the other systems depend on.

Figure 1. NKI’s integrated systems for online student support STAS: A Self-developed Student Management System

STAS is NKI’s system for administration of distance students and it is developed by NKI. STAS holds all relevant data about our students, teachers, courses and study programs. One of the largest advantages with STAS is that it is developed to handle students with free starting time and progression. This system also contains very good tools for generating various reports and statistics.

STAS is to consider as NKI master system and is tightly integrating other essential systems such as accounting, logistic, prospective and partner systems. STAS is also the master system for NKI’s Learning Management System (LMS) SESAM,, and NKI’s business portal, Agresso: A commercial accounting system

Agresso ( is a commercial accounting system that handless tuition fees, invoices, wages etc.. When a course enrollment is registered in STAS, the corresponding student account is debited in Agresso. When tutors register grades in SESAM, they are transferred to STAS and the remuneration is added to their accounts in Agresso. SYSA: A self-developed partner system

SYSA is a system NKI has developed to present information about the local partners that organize face-to-face classes based on NKI’s distance education courses. It provides contact information about the local partners and the classes they offer for NKI courses. SYSA supports the local partners’ marketing and student recruitment. The partners’ contact information is forwarded to STAS. Onyx: A commercial prospective system

Onyx is a commercial system that is purchased to handle marketing activities and requests from prospective students. Each advertisement, brochure, TV commercial, web-campaign etc. is identified with a unique media code. The advertisements result in thousands of requests that are registered with contact information and media code. The requests may come via NKI’s website, telephone, e-mail etc. from people who consider to enroll in a course. Onyx is also used to follow up prospective students who have showed their interest, but never enrol...

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