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Norwegian Folktales Essay

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Norwegian Folk tales

The Norwegian folk tales are different from other folk tales from different countries because they contain folk humour combined with an undertone of realism, which makes them unique. From the point of view of Jacob Grimm, the Norwegian folk tales have a freshness of their own that surpasses other countries. During the Middle Ages, good storytellers were highly esteemed, thus folk tales were undergoing through constant changes because each one had his/her own way of telling a story. Old women usually kept mystic, deep, and eerie themes in their stories, while old men had a different approach, relying more on humour. These folk tales reflect the imagination of the people as well as their self-reliance and independence. The king is often depicted as fat, he is similar to a farmer, and can be easily approached by anyone. The members of the church are irrelevant whereas the trolls are seen as awesome, but stupid creatures that can be easily outwitted. During the mid nineteenth century, scholars began to rediscover their own culture that was almost forgotten due to the foreign cultural influences. Among all of the scholars two stood out, As...

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