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Norwegian Language Essay

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There are 2 official written forms of Norwegian- Bokmal aka “book langauge” and Nynorsk aka as “new norweigian”.

There is no official sanctioned standard of spoken Norwegian. Most Norwegians choose their own dialect according to different circumstances.

No one dialect is right or wrong but adds to the tradition of Norwegian. For example, a beginner will learn Bokmal because it is easier to learn as it is codified, regular, and accepted nationally as the official language of Norway. 80-90% of population use Bokmal, it is also commonly taught to foreign students & usually more in the Eastern and Southern region of Norway. 12% of population use Nynorsk and more in the Western region. Four out of 19 counties, mainly around the West coast, use Nynorsk as their official language. In school, students are taught both languages. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), owned by the state, is required to create television shows and other media in both Bokmål and Nynorsk.  For written publications, NRK produces about 92% in Bokmål and 8% in Nynorsk.

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Norwegian came from Old Norse which is the language of the Vikings. Viking traders spread the language across Europe into Russia. Old Norse is one of the most widespread languages of that time. Christinaity spread to Norway in early 1000’s and led to development of Eastern and Western Norse. During the 1500’s Denmark ruled Norway- Denmark then became the formal language. When Danish rule was over, there was Nationalist pressure from Norway to have their own language again. Some scholars developed a Dano-norwegi...

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