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Norwich University Mba Assignment Essay

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Hauser, J. (2005). Note on Life Cycle Diffusion Models. MIT Sloan Management. Faheem, H. (June 2009). Apple Inc's iPhone: Can iPhone Maintain its Initial Momentum? Center for Management Research, Reference #: 508-117-1. Scherf, K. Cai, M. and Barrett, J. (2007). iPhone: A Consumer Perspective. A Parks Associates White Paper ( FROM THE OUTLINE

Up to now innovators and early adopters have driven market penetration. The firm must now shift its strategy to satisfying the needs of niche market users with differentiated products, still trying to maintain value pricing. The rank order of firms changes and usually there are few firms with large shares, many with low shares. Buying patterns are unstable due to high switching among competing brands and developing price sensitivity. Basic technology...

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