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Nosacrificesnogain Essay

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No sacrifices, no gain

Sacrifices can be a best friend or an enemy, sometimes they help you climb the hill and sometimes they lead you to the top, let your hands go and make you fall. Making sacrifices is the key to success, because something is being given up in order to receive something more valuable. Sacrifices are not worth it when an innocent person is involved and he/she could be hurt as a part of the sacrifice. However, giving up something for a greater good is really worth it because even though someone is losing something, other people will benefit from it. The play Macbeth shows how ambition leads the main character, Macbeth, to sacrifice his morals, love relationship, happiness, and his reputation in order to fulfill a selfish ambition. Lady Macbeth also makes lots of sacrifices in order to help her husband with his ambition, she gives up her sanity, relationship, happiness and peace. Macduff, on the other hand, sacrifices his family to help people in Scotland to restore the peace that has disappeared when Duncan, the previous king, has been murdered.

Macbeth’s life has changed completely at the moment that he has decided to kill the king, Duncan, for his ambition. In the beginning of the play, Macbeth is referred to as ‘noble’, ‘brave’ and ‘worthy gentleman’, but after his first deed, he has been called a ‘tyrant’. . He has given up his dignity and has paid murderers to kill his own friend, Banquo, and an innocent family, Macduff’s family just to feel safer and more confident. His love relationship has changed as well, he has loved his wife so much that he always share every thought ...

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