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World Geography / November 2013
Typhoon Haiyan Slams Philippines

A glimpse of the damage from the super typhoon that ripped through the Philippines in early November: several families that survived are living temporarily in the wreckage of a tanker that ran aground during the storm in Tacloban, Leyte Island. A devastating typhoon—one of the strongest ever recorded storms on the planet—devastated parts of the east-central Philippines on November 8. The typhoon (what we call in the Western Hemisphere a hurricane) inflicted death and destruction on the island nation on a massive scale. Official estimates of the number of people killed have topped 5,000, with perhaps thousands more missing. The search and rescue effort is ongoing, aided by the U.S. military. About 1,500 Filipinos are reported injured, and tens of thousands are homeless and desperately in need of food aid, which the United States and international organizations are trying to provide. Landfall occurred near Tacloban, a city...

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