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Nosebleed Essay

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* A nose bleed occurs when a small vein, along the lining of nose, bursts  * Most nosebleeds look scary, but are harmless 
* Can be treated at home 
* Common in children/elderly 
* Dryness 
* Nose picking 
* Blowing nose with force 
* Use of medications, like aspirin 
* Introducing objects into nose         (mostly children)  * Injuries 
* Allergies 
* Infections 
* High BP 
* Atherosclerosis 
* Blood-clotting disorders 
* Use of cocaine 
* Bleeding from nose 
* Sometimes bleeding from ears/mouth too 
   Typesa. Anterior Nosebleed 
* Affects lower part of wall that separates nostrils 
* The wall or septum contains blood vessels 
* These can be broken by blow to nose/fingernail 
* The bleeding st...

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