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Nosferatu 1922 Opening Scene Critique Essay

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Nosferatu (1922), directed by F. W. Murnau and also known as the first big screen version of Stocker’s “Dracula”, is considered a cinematic masterpiece. In this silent movie, Hutter, a real estate employee, is assigned by his boss to visit Count Orlock (the vampire) who shows interest in a residence, and in Hutter’s wife, Ellen. The mise-en-scene and Murnau’s style of expressionism in this movie makes it one of the most “naturalistically-creepy” movie. The connotations quoting Cavallius in the beginning, however, give a sence of alarm/danger (“blood”, “plague”, “terrible epidemic”). But then again, the music in this first scene doesn’t give off th...

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1850 1922 add alarm/danger almost also amus assign asymmetr atmospher attent back balanc bare/dead base begin big bit blood boss bow calm care cavallius center charact child church cinemat citi close come compar composit concentr connot consid contrast count coupl cover creepi critiqu cut dark dead deeper desir develop devilish direct divid doesn domest door dracula dri drive ellen employe empti en enforc entir epidem escap establish estat exagger expression f feel feminin fill filmmak first fix flower floweri frame german girl give go happi head heart hint hold hollywood horror howev hug hutter ignor impli innoc instead interest introduc isn joy kitten knit known laugh left let life/nature lifestyl live look made main make masterpiec may mean mechan middl mirror mise mise-en-scen mood mort mother movi murnau music must narcissist natur naturalist naturalistically-creepi next normal nosferatu one open orlock overlook paper past pick place plagu plant play pop portrait present push quot reaction real realiti reflect reflection/image religi resid reveal right romant sad scene screen seem senc sens set shirt shot show shown silent singl small smaller smile someth still stocker style sure symbol talk terribl time top turn two typic use vampir version virtual visit w wall way white wife window woman worri