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Nosocomial Infections Critical Appraisal Essay

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Hospital acquired infections (HAI) are, quite simply,infections that are acquired whilst one is in hospital. In medical literature they are called Nosocomial infections. They are defined as not being present upon admission to the hospital. This topic is important to nurses as it is often the nurses who spread the infection, when caring for patients with many different diseases and infections. Therefore nurses should be aware of new developments and research on the topic of reducing hospital acquired infections. This report will critically appraise three articles based on Nosocomial infections and the different aspects of how they may be acquired. The first article explores the link between health care workers wearing a wristwatch and hospital acquired infections. The second article researched the new approach to improving hand hygiene rates of health care workers in a hospital in Sydney. The third article investigates nurses’ uniforms, and the role that may play in nosocomial infections. This report will refer to scholarly articles regarding critical appraisals, and will also touch on evidence based practice.

‘Wristwatch use and hospital acquired infection’
Research question
The research question in this journal article is, does wearing a wristwatch influence the rate of Staphylococcus Aureus and other bacteria present on the hands and wrists of health c...

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