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Nostalgia Or Regret Essay

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Nostalgia or Regret?
(old man impersonation)Lookee here you young whippersnappers. I pity you youths I really do. Having to deal with this newlyfangled technology nowadays like that iWire or finding music on iNotes. Back in the good old day where we respected our elders, ya little pest, we had none of that hair ripping difficult to work shtuff. A simpler time living simpler lives without technology or other issues to make it better.

(little child impersonation)Butbutbut grandpa! With all the new stuff, life is sosososoSO much better today! The stuff that you say is bad like the technology actually helps us more! And back then there was so much bad stuff before that today is better!

(normal)Is the past better than today? As you can clearly see, this topic has been debated about for years now by family, friends, and even with yourself. However I am here to lay to rest by proving to you that the past is indeed better than before.

First I will approach the con side of the statement refuting the arguments as I go, then I will present the pro side and finally, I will share my own personal experience for your own personal amusement.


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