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Nostos Odyssey Essay

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In Homer's _The Odyssey_, both Odysseus and Athena portray nostos in similar and different ways. They are similar in that they are both longing for the same thing. Odysseus is longing to return home to his palace, while Athena is awaiting Odysseus' return. They both have conflicts in their own journeys, but they are able to overcome these conflicts to achieve their goal. However, they are different in that Odysseus is being selfish in that he wants to return home for his own desires, while Athena is willing to be unselfish in that she is willing to do whatever it takes to allow and help Odysseus arrive home safely. Nostos is portrayed throughout _The Odyssey_, by two of the main characters, Odysseus and Athena, both longing for the safe arrival home of Odysseus.

Odysseus portrays nostos throughout the entire poem of The Odyssey constantly. Odysseus has a desire to get home to his wife and son who he has not seen since the Trojan War ended. He first expresses nostos when "…he sat on a headland, weeping there as alway...

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