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Nostradamus And A Grim Future Essay

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Nostradamus and a Grim Future



English II pre-AP period 1



I. Introduction

A. Thesis sentence

B. Marc Hopkins opinion on the validity of Nostradamus's predictions

II. Background information on Nostradamus

A. Source of Nostradamus's education

B. Nostradamus's trip to Montpellier

C. Tragedies strike Nostradamus

1. Plague comes to town and kills Nostradamus's family

2. Nostradamus's late wife's family sues him

3. Comment to workman results in the alarm of the Church

D. Nostradamus moves to Salon

E. Nostradamus remarries

F. Nostradamus begins work on the 'prophecies'

G. The queen of France sends for Nostradamus

H. Nostradamus flees back to Salon

I. Nostradamus becomes ill from Dropsy

J. Nostradamus makes out his will

K. Nostradamus dies

III. Technological issues arising before the Times of Trouble

A. Technological disasters

1. Weather modulator accident

2. Nuclear meltdown near mountain city

3. Joint space venture leads to biological scare

4. Earth field rupture

5. Time warping incident

B. Technological weapon advances before and during the Times of Trouble

1. Planetary climate disrupter

a. Effects of the planetary climate disrupter

b. Countermeasures to the planetary climate disrupter

2. Laser and nuclear combined radiation weapon

a. Effects of the laser/nuclear/radioactive weapon

b. A cure for the effects of the laser/nuclear/radioactive weapon

3. Earthquake triggering weapon

4. Radio wave weapon

5. Eugenics project

IV. The Times of Troubles

A. Missile scare leading to the Times of Trouble

B. A crazed world leader's gain of an atomic bomb

1. European and western countries intervene

2. Crazed leader bombs Europe

3. The stage for the Antichrist is set

C. The wargame mishap

D. Alien crash resulting in plagues

V. World War III

A. Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East

1. Radioactive fallout and its effect

2. Political boundaries redrawn

B. Current president's involvement in War

C. New York bombing

1. U.S. spots a bomb sent by the Antichrist and his ally

2. France retaliates for the U.S.

VI. Conclusion

A. Can the future be changed?

B. The validity of Nostradamus himself


Nostradamus and a Grim Future

Various translated prophecies predicted by the great Nostradamus will give you a deep insight into the possible and most widely recognized apocalyptic future filled with extremely advanced technology that cannot be controlled, thus causing physical, social, and political catastrophes leading ultimately to the third world war. But who is Nostradamus? This is a frequently asked question today. Some say Nostradamus is a witch, others say he is a master of the stars. Regardless of these proposals, Nostradamus must be looked upon as a scholar and recognized as an important figure in past, present, and future history. Some believe that Nostradamus and his so-called prophecies are all nonsense that can be explained by a simple technique, as Marc Hopkins describes:

Why do 'all those prophecies' seem to match our events of today? I think it's obvious: because there are universal laws of history that dictate the course of events during times of great changes (including ours) which therefore will conform to an archetype. All you have to do is spell out the archetype in a 'prophecy', and then every time the Big Discontinuity hits again it will look just like the 'prophecy' said. In particular, in a time of discontinuities there is always great dislocations: an increase in

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wars, in diseases even, and a lowering of living standards

(maybe temporary but still...). (5)

With the astronomical size of evidence supporting and directly pointing out the past and future events, it is hard to not give at least a little credit to Nostradamus; after all, Nostradamus was born in 1503, and you can still presently find ongoing research and criticism surrounding this individual. The mysteries surrounding Nostradamus and his predictions never end. Perhaps past information on Nostradamus's predictions is more factual than information pertaining to the future. What excites the crowds more than the unknown or unexplained? Definitely not gray, drab, and boring presentations of the forgotten past, but those concerning the future, virulent activity, far-fetched technology, and the stuff movie magic is made...

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