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Nostradamus He Essay

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The Background

Maybe all of you know Nostradamus. But do you know who he really is? Nostradamus was a French paranormal in the 16th Century. He is very famous for his ability to see and predict the future. In this article, you will see what he done, and find out that he is NOT a boring person.

Some people believed that Nostradamus had predicted lots of important events in the world history, including the French Revolution, the era of Adolf Hitler, the Great Fire of London, the murder of John F. Kennedy, the explosion of the space shuttle "Challenger", and the destruction of World Trade Center Towers. His prophecies are written in 942 (nine hundred forty-two!) poems called "The Centuries". A single verse is called a "quatrain" and 100 quatrains are called a Centurie. It had been passed for almost five hundred years and amaze lots of readers.

Who is Nostradamus?

Nostradamus' real name is Michel de Nostradame, an astrologer and astronomer who lived in 16th century. The details of his...

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