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Nostradamus Man Knew Tomorrow Essay

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Nostradamus : The Man Who Knew Tomorrow There once was a man who could not be confined to his own time.

Michel Notredame, known to us as Nostradamus. French astrologer and physician , the most widely read seer of the Renaissance . He began making prophecies about 1547 , which he published in 1555 in a book entitled Centuries . His prophecies have continued to create much controversy . some of them are thought to have foretold actual historical events that have occurred since Nostradamus.

Nostradamus was born December 14, 1503 , at Sait - Re`my - de - Provence . His Jewish family had only recently converted to the Catholic faith , and in compliance with local law , changed their name from Gassonet to Notredame . If they didn't do this they would have been forced to leave the...

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