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The Beginning
[I.63] Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller, for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully. People will travel safely through the sky, land and seas : then wars will start up again

This quatrain is considered to be the quatrain which indicate the start of WW-III. The scenario described in this quatrain is definitely a modern world scenario as is describes air travel. Air travel became commercially available only after WW-II. World is a small place now with ease of communications. Antibiotics helped man to get rid of many incurable diseases. But, Nostradamus says, wars will start up again. Alternatively, this might describe a period of unparalleled peace predicted after WW-III when the Great Monarch will reign, till the "End of the World". The fall of communism

[IV.32] In those times and places that meat gives way to fish the law of commune will be opposed. The old order will hold strong, then removed from the scene, then all things common among friends put far behind

We have already seen this prophecy coming true. During the early 1990s in Soviet Union and Communist Europe (in those times and places), when the economic condition in these countries deteriorated (meat gave way to fish), Communism (the law of commune) was opposed by the people. The old leaders indeed tried to hold on but ultimately were removed from powers. Ultimately Communism (all things common among friends - equality among friends - comrades) collapsed. This prophecy was understood even before its accomplishment by many interpreters. But the instability caused by collapse of USSR and the resulting unipolar world may indirectly be the cause of the next great war.

The attack on New-York
[VI.97] The sky will burn at 5 and 40 degrees, fire approaches the great New City. Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up when they want to have proof of the Normans Probably this quatrain describes a nuclear attack on the USA near the New York city, which is at 40.5 degrees OR this might describe the burning fragment of a comet which will strike the earth (described later) during WW-III and probably the New York city too. However, this is also a fairly accurate description of the attack on the World Trade Center. The connection to the French is not clear yet. The word "proof" might be related to the proof required for establishing involvement of Osama Bin Laden in the September 11 attack or the subsequent attack on USA using WMD and such a proof will be provided by France.

Biological Weapons
[IX.55] The horrible war which is being prepared in the West, The following year will come the pestilence So very horrible that young, old, nor beast (will survive), Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

The attack against Iraq by USA, Britain and the western coalition forces, opposed by most Islamic countries, might turn out to be the precursor to the WW-III and will obviously be a war "prepared in the West". Nostradamus says that in the following year, (2004?) pestilence will spread. This may point to a possible terrorist attack on the USA and other allied countries in the following year, this time using Biological, Chemical or Radiological weapons of mass destruction. The attack is likely to be on a gigantic proportion, leading to deaths in thousands. Maybe Anthrax and/or other Biological Warfare agents will spread out of control, in such a manner that people - young and old and also animals will die. Anthrax infects human and animals alike. However, if we go by the astrological configuration provided in this quatrain and interpret "Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France" as meaning that Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will be in the same constellation, then we can find that all these planets will be in Virgo in September 2004, Libra in November 2006 and Scorpius in December 2006. These planets will again be conjoined in Sagittarius in December 2008, in Capricorn in February 2009 and in Pisces in April 2011. So, this is by no means a rare conjunction and no specific time period can be derived from this quatrain alone, unless there is a different interpretation for the last line. Mabus & The Comet

[II.62] Mabus then will then soon die, there will come of people and beasts a horrible rout: Then suddenly one will see vengeance, hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run. The question is who is Mabus? There are two interpretations doing rounds these days. 1. If we unscramble the word, we can write it as "Usamb" very close to "Usama bin" the actual pronunciation in Arabic of what we call Osama. It seems to indicate that Osama bin Laden will die, probably due to bombing or due to attack of ground forces or even by suicide after being cornered. He may never be captured alive by USA. 2. Some say, Mabus is Saddam (read backwards, it spells "sudam" after some alteration). The "horrible rout" of people as well as beasts indicate not death due to war but due to some disease. This might be the same event described in the IX.55, the death of people and animals due to Anthrax or other Weapons of Mass Destruction which will spread like wildfire.

"Then suddenly one will see vengeance" - vengeance by whom? Most likely by the Islamic terrorists to avenge Osama's or Saddam's death and USA's war against terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. There will be another sudden and widespread terrorist attack. The nature of this attack is not mentioned the modern time controversial prophet said, terrorists will explode suitcase nuclear weapons in Israel (Tel Aviv), USA (Washington DC) and Europe (Rome)]. The repeated threats of Osama and Mullah Omar comes to mind. At the same time a comet will suddenly be seen in the sky, advancing towards the earth, and ultimately striking it, resulting in devastation. It is possible that "Mabus" is neither Osama nor Saddam but it might be the name of some important Muslim leader e.g. Mohammad ABU Salem or Mahammad Abbas (the new Prime Minister of Palestine) etc. who dies just before WW-III starts.

India & Pakistan
[X.96] The Religion of the name of the seas will win out Against the sect of the son of "Adaluncatif": The stubborn, lamented sect will be afraid of the two wounded by A and A. The religion of the name of the seas may be "Hindu". The word Indian came from the word Hindu and Indians call the Indian Ocean "Hind Mahasagar (Ocean)" and India as "Hindustan", literally meaning the land of the Hindus. No other major religion has any remote connection in its name with any ocean.

"Adaluncatif" - whatever or whoever this is, this surely is a Muslim sounding name. The sect of the son of Adaluncatif is then Islam. "The stubborn, lamented sect" - Nostradamus's way of describing Islam). "A & A" - the name of the person "Adaluncatif" contains these initial alphabets. May be some thing like Acdun-al-Atif (Abdul-al-Atif?) or something close. What is apparent is that "Adaluncatif" - a Muslim will carry out an attack against the people whose religion is of the name of the seas (probably Hindus) who, in turn, will then retaliate causing the Muslims to fear them. This might indicate a future attack on two senior Indian leaders by ...

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1 11 1990s 1999 2 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2025 20th 25.9.1922 270 3 30.08.1930 4 40 40.5 48th 5 8 9 abandon abba abdul abdul-al-atif abod abroad abu abyss accompani accomplish accord accur acdun acdun-al-atif across action actual adaluncatif adriat advanc adversari afar afflict afghanistan afraid africa african afterward age agent agre aid aimless air air-raid al alania alik aliv alli allianc alon along alp alphabet alreadi also alter altern although america american among anagram ancient ancona and/or anim anoint anoth anthrax anti anti-pop antibiot antichrist antipop antiqu apocalyps appar appear approach approx approxim april arab arabia araxum arctic area aris armenia armi around array arton asia ass assail assassin assembl associ assum astroid astrolog astronaut atif atlant atmospher atom attack attend ausonia avail aveng aviv await away babylon back background backward balkan banish banner battl bear beard bearn beast becam becom begin behind benedict besieg betray beyond bibl biblic big bigorr bin bio biolog bird bit black blaze bloi blood bloodi blue bodi boil bomb bone book border born brabant brave break bright bring britain british brother brought brown brownhair brude build buri burn byzantin byzantium calam calamit call came campania canada canadian cancer candid capitul capricorn captiv captur cardin carmania carri cask cast caus celib celt center central centuri certain chain challeng chanc chang charg charismat chase chemic cheretien chief child china chines chiren christ christian church chyren circl citi citizen civil clear climacter close cloud coalit coastal cock collabor collaps collect collid collis columbkill combat combin come comet comet-strik comet/asteroid command comment commerci common commune communic communism communist competitor complet complex compromis comrad concentr condit configur confront conjoin conjunct connect conquer conqueror conquest consid constel contain contend continu control controversi convert 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inspit instabl intens intern interpret invad invas involv ionian iran iranian iraq ire irish irresist ishmael ishmaël islam island israel itali italian iv.32 iv.34 iv.77 iv.99 ix.31 ix.55 ix.60 ix.83 jesus jihad john join joint judea judgement july/august june june/july jupit kill kind king kingdom known lack laden lake lament land languag larg last late later launch law lead leader leadership leagu leap leav led length let liberti libra libyan lie lieg life light lighten like line lion liter live local london long loos lose loss love lybian mabus macedonia machin made mahammad mahasagar mahomet major make man mani mankind manner mar march marseill mass mastiff may may-jun mayb mean meat media mediterranean meet mention mercuri metal meteor might mightili milan mile militari milk millennium mind mine minist miseri missil modern mohammad mohammedan moment monarch money monster month mortara most mother motion mount mountain move mullah multitud murder muslim mythic mytilen nake name napl nation nato natur naval navel navi near nearbi nearest need neglig negrepont neither nephew neutral never new new-york news next nice nicola night nine nois non non-italian norman north northern nose nostradamus nostrdamus notabl noth novemb nuclear number obvious occupi occur ocean offens offer old omar one onslaught open opinion oppos opposit oppress order organis osama oultr outcri overcom overrun overthrow page pakistan palermo palestin papaci papal parallel part partial particular pass pastor patron paul pave pay peac peopl period persecut persia persian person pestil pharo physic piec pillag pirat pisc place plagu planet plus point pointer poland pole polit pontiff pope popular poreaus port portug portugues posit possibl post poupard power prais pre pre-war precursor predict premier prepar present presid prime princ prison probabl promin promis pronunci proof propheci prophes prophet proport proud provid purchas put quatrain question quit radiolog raid rain rais rare reach read receiv recent recogn red reduc refer regain reign reinstat relat religi religion remain remot remov renew repeat report requir rescu resist restor result retali retaliatori return revel rhode rhône rid rise rival river rod roger rome round rout royal rubbl ruin run russia russian sacr saddam safe safeti sagittarius said sail saint salem salona salt samarobrin sarkozi satisfi saudi save savona say scale scatter scenario scene schism schismat scorpius scotland sea seamen seat second sect sedit see seem seen self selin senior separ septemb sequenc serbia set seven seventeenth seventeenth-centuri seventh sever shall shed shift shin ship shipton shore short shout show side sienna signifi similar simpli siren site situat six skill sky slash slaughter slavonia sleep slovenia small smaller smooth soak sole somehow someon someth son soon sorbia sort sound sourc soviet space spain spark speak specif specifi spell spirit spoken spread st stadia stain standard star start state station stay 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