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Not Always Sought Democracy Essay

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Not always sought: Democracy
2014 IS A YEAR FOR DEMOCRACY. Earlier in March, the Crimean referendum was held for locals to decide whether or not would they like to leave Ukraine & join the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, Scottish Independence has also reached a conclusion with 45% voters joining the Yes campaign for independence. Westminster finally realised that Scotland should not have only been their backyard for holidays but also exists as an important member of the union. Then Hong Kong jumped on the independence bandwagon and, since the thirty-first of August, when Beijing promised Hong Kong a limited and conditioned referendum for the electron of their next chief executive in 2017, (considered harsh, strict and disappointing by many) began to protest. And finally, this November the Catalan referendum will be held in to decide if they should stay or leave Spain.

All these cases are challenges to the ideology of democracy, as they all involved one concern: nationalism. It presents a clash of emotion and rationality. The British government has been virtuous enough to allow the Scottish referendum, whereas Spanish and Ukrainian authorities constitutionally prohibited those referenda and the Chinese government, with the persuasion of economy and stock index threats successfully diverted ...

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