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Not Another Jew Story Essay

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Not Another Jew Story

Everyone has their own conception of Jesus, what he was, what he did, and why he did it, yet these conceptions are often different than the one depicted by the earliest written account of Jesus’ life, “The Gospel of Mark.” The Jesus in Mark has one main purpose, to forgive humans’ sins through his teachings. Jesus will not deviate much from his goal for the sake of momentary good and his teachings are quite radical. This is a big part of the reason why he gets crucified. Today the church talks about how wrong it was to kill Jesus, but it is hard to say that if he were reborn today that his fate would be much different. For the sake of argument lets pretend that Jesus was reincarnated into a new freshmen at Villanova.

Like all incoming freshmen Jesus would have to choose a school to belong to. Jesus wouldn’t be very attracted to the business school because the core purpose of learning business is to make money, and Jesus was a poor and humble man by choice, “… the lure of riches… intrude and choke the word, and it bears no fruit” (Mark 4:19). Similarly, the School of Engineering wouldn’t bare much interest to him either because he never showed much interest in the sciences. In fact the purpose of a college education is to get prepared for your intended career, and Jesus wants to be a teacher, theologian, and healer. Now this could point towards a major in education, theology, or nursing. Theology wouldn’t suit him well because he already knows the Gospel and has no interest in studying different religions. Nursing wouldn’t be much better because his healing power transcends medicine and ...

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