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Sabrina Enrici
Mr. Styers
Ap Economics
17 May 2014

Questions to Answer During Reading:
The economic theories of the law of demand, profit maximizing price, maximize utility (satisfaction), and opportunity costs. To me Professor Dyke did not make economic sense the way he was portrayed. Especially, when he drank one of the most expensive drinks a lot more than most would have. No it does not make any sense. Why would one not want to put a down payment they could get back and rather pay a higher price to keep them forever. As long as you return them before you leave you get the money back. The steel band does not play due to the fact that they gave up the opportunity for something better and the hotel usually has them play for even more money than weekdays. Professor Dyke usually downs the punch even when the price goes up he still drinks it non-stop. But the night that the punch is free he can barely put himself to drink the punch. Foote thought he saw someone slip something into the general's drink. And having this written in his journal the inspector thought the murderer knew that Foote knew and killed him because of it. If interrogated separately their mind set is related to the economic game theory. They will have a dominant strategy they will both choose lessening their punishment. The cost would be much cheaper to club in Cruz but onc...

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