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Literature Review
The study of organizational justice refers to the perceived outcome of fairness in the workplace. Organizational justice come in three forms: Distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional justice. McShane refers to distributive justice as the perceived fairness in the individual’s ratio of outcomes to contributions compared with a comparison other’s ratio of outcomes to contributions. Where as procedural justice is the fairness of the procedures used to decide the distribution of resources (McShane, 2013, p. 155). Interactional justice was also first introduced as the sensitivity to the quality of interpersonal treatment they receive during the enactment of organizational procedures (Bies & Moag, 1986). Distributive justice refers to the perceived fairness of the outcome. This was primarily based off the equity theory: a theory explaining how people develop perceptions of fairness in the distribution and exchange of resources (McShane, 2013, p. 156). This meaning an individual perceives whether or not there is a fair ratio between their inputs and outcomes. An individual’s input can range from numerous things such as: knowledge, effort or experience in exchange for outcomes such as: rewards, recognition, pay or satisfaction (Foster, 2008, p. 26-27) Procedural justice focuses on the fairness in the procedure in which resources are distributed. The first way to improve procedural justice is to give the employees a voice thus making them feel better after giving them an opportunity to speak. The second option to...

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