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Not As Easy As It Looks Essay

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Not as Easy as It Looks
More often than none, one will be hard pressed to find a writer who says that he or she easily spat out his/her most famous piece of writing. Writers will talk about the hours of staring at the screen, the desperate racking of their brains for ideas, and struggles to find the words that bring their piece to life. The truth is that writing isn’t easy. It does not come easy for beginners, and it does not come easy for professionals. A great piece of writing takes time and hard work to develop and create. With adequate time and brain power, a writer will practice prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing; creating a writing process that will yield a high-quality outcome. The most difficult part about writing a paper is figuring out how to start. The common writer often takes a seat and stares at the flashing cursor, as if waiting for the paper to type itself. He will turn his attention away from the blank screen, distracting himself, perhaps make some coffee, and move his work space to a location with more life. All of this is done in hopes of grabbing some sort of inspiration; something to get his creative juices flowing. How does a good writer avoid all this wasted time? He will surrender to his distractions and his laziness, and start from scratch. In order to provide a starting point for his work, the write...

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