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Not Complete Weekly Reflection Autosaved Essay

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1. Student learning profile 1
2. Introduction 2
3. PDP templet (Long term plan) 3
4. Personal learning log 4
5. Weekly plan & Reflection journal 6
6. Time management 1
7. Self-managed learning essay 2
8. Conclusion 3
9. 4
Appendices 5
References 6

1. Students Learning Profile
2. Introduction
3. PPD templet (long term plan)

Long-term plan (2014.10.20-2015.06.05)
Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
Column 6
Column 7
No 1.
Research skills
I need to improve my research skills because in my college we didn’t have much report to write and the rules are total different comparing to UK I need to identify which resources are reliable and how to make the reference. I will go to library as much as I can and find resources that offering ideals or evidences to my essay. N

See appendix
No 2.
Academic writing
I am not good at writing, especially in structure and logicalness .Usually I take a lot of time to think what to write so I always can’t finish my writing in time during a test. I need to learn how to build a basic structure of an essay and provide reasons or evidences to support my points. I will read books about how to writing and limit time when I practise writing at home. Y

See appendix
No 3.
Academic reading
I already know some skills about reading, but sometimes I still confuse about what the real meanings authors are trying to express. I need to read articles more careful and analysis writers’ thought. I will choose some articles from books and read them each week and get understand the meaning of each word. N

See appendix
No 4.
Oral English
I haven’t fully developed my oral English and I don’t know how to develop a topic when talking to foreigners. I need to Strengthen my pronunciation and the level of speaking fluently. I will speak more at class and outside class and be confident to talk to English speakers. Y

See appendix
No 5.
Listening skills
I am confident about my listening but IELT listening test only play once making the rate of mistakes higher. I need to increase the speed of making note of important information and spell correctly. I will arrange time to listening different material and take notes about new words. Y

See appendix

4. Personal Learning Log

Term1 Week3 (2014.10.20-26)
Coherence & cohesion
Use linking words on academic writing and write it logical related to the main idea

What is PDP template
Discover what skills I need to improve and help me self-evaluation

Organization behaviour
Understand organisational structure and culture
Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture Term1 Week4(2014.10.27-11.02)
How to citation
Understand which things should be quote and use the correct form on reference

The different of long term plan& weekly plan
Know how to improve skills by organising the daily activities

Organization behaviour
Flat& tall structure, strong& weak culture
Know the two common structures which most of the organizations have and the impacts of different cultures Term1 Week5 (2014.11.03-09)
The structure of general essay
Introduction, main body& conclusion, what points need to be written on each part

Time management
Help to identify the level of things needed to done

Organization behaviour
Know individual behaviour at workplace and different personality Understand the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of a business Term1 Week6 (2014.11.10-16)

How to paraphrase
Change words, sentence structure, point's order within paragraph to avoid similarities

How to overcome procrastination
Learn to say no to time waster and commit to being on time

Organization behaviour
Understand the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organisations Comprehend different leadership styles may have on motivation in organisations in periods of change Term1 Week7 (2014.11.17-23)

Identify reliable resources
Choose information or ideas from reliable websites, online journals and books for academic writing

Revise personal values
Know what is the most valuable things to me and give me direction

Organization behaviour
Know development of management Ideas & Theories
Understand the development of management theories such as the Classical, Human Relations, Systems, Contingency Term1 Week8 (2014.11.24-30)
Prepositions with time
Use ‘At, on, in’ etc. in a right way while describing different time

Critical thinking
Help me think deeper about the problem and look for what is implied in a question rather than what is stated

Organization behaviour
Understand how to use motivational theories in organisations Use Maslow theory trying to improve performance of employee Term1 Week9 (2014.12.01-07)
Present simple, present continuous, past simple
Use grammar correctly on both use of grammar and academic writing

360° feedback
Evaluate myself accurately by getting opinions from multiple people who around me

Organization behaviour
Determine the difference between Teams and Groups
Identify the team roles of each individuals and find out factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organisations Term1 Week10 (2014.12.08-14)
Passive voice
Transfer the subject into the object and change the structure of sentences

What is reflective writing
Analysis the events or ideas in my ongoing progress and help me complete reflection journal at university level

Organization behaviour
Know how Technology can support effective Teams and linking to Siemens case study Understand the impact of technology on team functioning within a given organisation and use the advantages which it could bring

Activity or Lesson
What did you learn?
How will you use this knowledge?
Term2 Week2 (2015.01.19-25)
What is English project
Understand the basic structure of a project and how to start it with confidence

Different style of leadership
Help to identify which kind of leader I am and my future colleagues

Business strategy
Define what Mission, vision statements, core competencies, aims, goals and strategic are. Understand its importance to an organization and how these things support companies to achieve their success Term2 Week3 (2015.01.26-02.01)

How to write an proposal
Have an overview about an project and summarise what's need to be done and how

Team roles& procedures
Understand the individuality of fellow members

Business strategy
Learn how to use PESTEL &SWOT analysis
Understand how the opportunities and threats of the external environment may affect their organisation, also the strengths and weaknesses of the internal Term2 Week4 (2015.02.02-08)
Know what is offshore outsourcing
Get deep understanding of the benefits& drawbacks of offshore outsourcing

Seminar skills
Understand the difference between seminars and lectures

Business strategy
Understand the significance of stakeholder analysis
Determine the level of impact on the organisation by each stakeholder group Term2 Week5 (2015.02.09-15)
The economic influence of offshore outsourcing
Know why offshore outsourcing is popular all around the world and how the financial situation affect people's daily life

Non-verbal communication skills
Evaluate appropriate body language in a formal work setting

Business strategy
Ansoff Matrix
Identify the different types of products trying to avoid risk and choose the market development& product development Term2 Week6 (2015.02.16-22)
Learn how to cite online journals
Use more accurate reference

The Belbin team roles
Help to establish how I typically contribute to teamwork

Business strategy
Learn how to select an appropriate future strategy f...

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