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An ongoing debate in within the business and academic community goes over the past 50-odd years relates to the correlation between leadership and management. This literature review aimed to specify the hair – line distinction between management and leadership and miadal level in betwen. A wide-ranging search was undertaken, including literture from universaly recognized authers electronic journals on leadership and managment interweiws with affirmative managers and leaders. The choice of material to include was based on perosnal sub-sistance. As i found the literature to be extesive, I approached particular authors known to have published in this area – this would allow me to enumerate different topic consepts and to reveal the hardly noticable foundation on which there are situadted on. . While articles in peer-reviewed journals form a major part of reviewed materials, there was much of interest to be found in conference papers, books, professional journals and research reports, and we have therefore included materials from these sources as well. A mind map was also included striving better oreientation and comprrihansion. We present an overview of findings, followed by key points to be drawn out of the review. We finish with a section which provides a summary of each of our sources

Mangment and leadership – arnt they the two sided of the sme coin. Managers, after all, are also leaders, and leaders also managers.So how do you really define the difference between management and leadership? The only way to really differentiate between leadership and management then is to define the two roles in the context of their role within a business, So let make a swift time flashback. Frederick Taylor, with his theories of Scientific Management, started the era of modern management. He advocated a change from the old system of personal management to a new system of scientific management. Under personal management, a captain of industry was expected to be personally brilliant. Taylor claimed that a group of ordinary men, following a scientific method would out perform the older "personally brilliant" captains of industry. All presume that that the workers would follow the "one best practice." rather than allowing them personal discretion in their tasks. His legacy was to break down the a complex task down in to a number of small subtasks, and optimizing...

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